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What dose it mean to deeply listen for you?

What if we made a world listening day ? Where we all observed what the mind is doing whilst listening...

brought true awareness to listening...

What else might we hear ? What else do you hear in the silence of stillness ?

Listening with pure curiosity is coming from a space of humility, whereas listening to respond is from ego.

In QHHT I find ways to get the ego to cooperate, because it will... & 99% of the time it dose when we lovingly invite, allow & trust it to do so.

We understand now that The conscious mind is like a guard dog, it only wants to protect us. But sometimes it tries to protect us way to much !

When we’re patient and talk with our egos, slowly our egos will open up. When they open, we will begin to access our magnificent inner wisdom.

Letting go of the ego is a gradual rediscovering of our power, strength, capabilities and capacities.

Ego comes from fear, and in life, the only drivers behind our emotions in life are either love or fear. How do we know when we’re experiencing emotion from fear or love?

Well, if you have to question it, chances are it’s from fear. When we’re flowing in love, we’re present, and the analytical mind with all of that chatter just floats away. Love is allowing, there’s no resistance.... It’s almost easy!

Love is healing. It’s humbleness. It’s forgiveness. It’s laughter!

Living in love is being as fully YOU as possible! You can be goofy, silly, unique! Even in the darkest room, your light shines from within, so let it shine out into the world too.

When thoughts bring up pain within you, it’s just spirit’s way of showing you that the thought can be shifted towards a loving thought that will help you expand. Your thoughts shouldn’t hurt you!

We can Live life in a beautiful state of being YOU! There’s no need for fear or pain.

Let go of control. Remember You can notice ego by it’s fear of losing control. Ego will always fight for the upper hand because it thinks that’s safe... it’s safe but it’s not experiencing all life can offer.

It’s always your free will to listen & heal anything!!! Quantum Love

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