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with Deb Taylor

I am honoured to be facilitating the first ever LIVE QHHT training in New Zealand

New Date : 5 - 7th May 2023

Postponed from Feb 23 due to Cyclone damage

Now there are a few more spots left!

I invite you to Embark on the experience of a lifetime as you broaden your QHHT® knowledge & understanding by joining other Practitioners from all over as we gather on incredible land in Ahuroa, Auckland.

You can soak up all the powerful energy this magical land has to offer & stay on site,

or you may find accommodation close by if preferred.

This QHHT® live 3 day class facilitated by Deb Taylor, Level 3 QHHT Practitioner,

for any QHHT graduates & practitioners wanting support, practice & mentorship for their QHHT® skills.

You must have already completed the Level 1 training. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful work of QHHT through a Level 1 online course to attend this upcoming LIVE L1 companion class you may receive a 10% discount by using this link:

Then enter this promo code: SPREADLOVE

I am looking forward to assisting you on this journey of awareness through this time & space.

Quantum Aroha & Soul Logic



Kia Ora Whanau

If ever there was a time to come together for the experience & discussion of a Quantum Hypnosis Experience, it’s now.

As many are aware, right now we are in a larger than usual life ascension portal.

SOUL LOGiC offers an epic moment in time & space for you to experience a true quantum leap experience that will evolve your ability to respond to your own life and others with peace, purpose & quantum love.

This season is requiring us to let go of much that is normal, familiar or comfortable & dive deep within us.

The required stillness of our current condition may be bringing up a lot of emotions, both wanted and unwanted. 

If that’s so for you, you’re not alone. So what is it you want to understand now? 

As we are being called to a radical remembrance & reset.

Responding from the wisest, most empowered part of ourselves will in many ways,

define what’s possible for us moving forward, both individually and collectively. 

See you there!

WORKSHOP :  The Quantum Hypnosis Experience

BYO optional : Journal/paper & pen, mat to lay on, warm blanket, pillow, eye mask.

These group sessions are accomplished by simple visualization techniques that we’ll first practice before diving deeper into your multi-dimensional experience.

Various aspects of self may interact, through visuals, sound, emotions, sensations or other means of communication and expression.  Once we’ve established trust, invite and allowance, you will be safely guided with the entire group together on an individual journey to embody another appropriate life stream / lifetime that will in some way be of help for your current life.

Next you will receive a connection, image, name, gift & message from one of your soul team / spirit guides. 

Then you will have an exploration of what life hundreds of years into the future might be like for you, by experiencing this it may assist with how you choose to live life as we view it on this earth realm now. 

On return from your travels back to this time, space, reality you’ll have time to journal or process in silence, before Deb opens the supported, love vibe space for sharing, discussion, questions and inquiry.

By expanding our awareness through conscious exploration of self we can tap into our multidimensional soul, quantum collective and universal oneness - LOVE. 

with Deb Taylor

Live QHHT Class May.jpg



... 8.00 am – 10.00 pm...

Hibiscus Coast​. AUCKLAND

$44 - $88 TICKETS - FULL 14hr DAY

... Early Bird Tickets will be Available...


Please only purchase through


PLANT KAI . Food Trucks . Picnic . CHAI & COFFEE .




- APPLY NOW To Be Part of this Purposeful Play - 

The upcoming Sunday Soul Festival on 17th October 2021 is the 3rd Soul Fest Gathering in the last 2 years on this sacred land.  My vision is to recreate this Festival at least 2 times per year during May & October.

Together we will create a full day of soulful & purposeful play with in sacred, peaceful & open surroundings.

These inclusive festivities are being created with Multi-Dimensional Guidance, Quantum Intelligence, Free Will  
& Soul Aroha for this New Earth Whenua & Whanau...

That includes YOU my soul sibling!
... Love to See your Shiny SOUL There ...


Weekend Retreat

TBA - 2023

All-inclusive: $777

Aotearoa Awakening Retreat.jpg

Unleashing & Activating Aotearoa Elements in us & the unique Shakti Flow & Shiva Holds through Awareness & Embodiments.
This shared time & space will be Spiritually Designed & held by the worlds oldest systems of Yoga, Ayurveda & Shamanic wisdoms, honoring Mother Earth, Father Sky, Wind, Water & Fire…

Together in this sacred space we will explore deeper connections with inner & outer elements (Doshas) along with sacred Feminine (shakti) & divine Masculine (shiva) found in all people, places & things.
Emphasis on Ayurvedic Plant Based Nourishment & knowledge integrated with the wise & wild crafted Shakti flow & Shiva holds throughout.
This is a time of intense intention setting, magical mana & remembering the power of our minds, body & soul.

Join this sacred shakti & shiva tribe as we elevate forwards together in this magnificent season of expansion.

We will uniquely & appropriately be working on our individual balance requirements with the integration & ceremony of many Ancient wisdoms & New earth knowledge.

Connect with Deb for Further Details

At a Stunning & Sacred Location: TBA

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