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with Daya Devi - DebsYogaName

Space for Your Soul to Speak

Debs aim is for you to embody a powerfully holistic workout for your body, mind & soul, leaving you nourished, inspired & ready to take on challenges “off the mat” with a compassionate heart,

open mind, healthy body & authentically you!

Kia Ora, Here I invite you to continue exploring the science & philosophy of union with mind, body, & soul with YOGA LOGiC. 

Yoga is a way of life for many, an integrated system of education, oneness & light within & around us.

This art of living was practiced in India thousands of years ago & since yoga deals with universal realities;

its teachings are as valid today as they were in ancient times.

YOGA LOGiC principles are a practical aid & its techniques may be applied universally as they are holistically beneficial to one & all.

Today people are turning to yoga for many Reasons & Benefits:

Such as managing stress, healing from addictions, therapy for ailment or injury, prevention & well-being, achieving a desired physique & many more Physical, Mental & Emotional reasons.  YOGA LOGiC serves all these reasons, however through regular practice, often the ultimate purpose expands to exploring oneself far beyond the physical body with inner travels all as unique as we are. 

When practicing YOGA LOGiC we’re able to connect with our inner feelings & thoughts;  In this balance between positive & negative there is consciousness, this is between the inhalation & exhalation (being in the moment).  It’s in our ability to hold on to consciousness that we realize self.  By stretching breath & extending time brings us into a peaceful state; This tips the balance from "fight or Flight" mode into maximum release, repair & restoration.

Yogis developed the Asanas (yoga poses) we still use today over many years, but science tells us that, under conditions set in yoga, immediate effects on heart rate, blood pressure & brain activity are possible.  YOGA LOGiC opens the holistic mind, body & breath working on self realization, muscular strengthening & flexibility, achieving complete health with in a peaceful soul.


We are all on a path of discovery with purposeful adventures ahead, if & when we choose to take it. 

YOGA LOGiC helps harmonize your soul to its unlimited potential & this life’s freedom.

Daya Devi's Yoga Journey: 

"When the student is ready the teacher appears"

I’ve been a student of Yoga since my first session on Bryon Bay in 1994.  Then my Yoga lessons accelerated during 6 years of living in Dubai, where I meet my Guru who helped me find my own inner Guru, light & wisdom, to deepen my Yoga union.  I became fascinated with the Yoga Philosophy & Science, so was blessed to enjoy many inspirational travels through India over those years, where I gained my 1st Yoga Siromani / teacher Diplomas from ‘The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta’, Ashram 2003-05.  After this my paths lead me to further exploration of teaching & researching many different schools of Yoga in the East & West. 

Now, over 20 + years of Yoga practice, I’ve developed a deep awareness of Western Yoga philosophies & what many of us really want & need from Yoga teachings here & now.

I love guiding others on their own Yoga path & sharing the many benefits of BODY, MIND, SOUL gained with YOGA LOGiC, that helps bring health & peace within us daily.

What is YOGA LOGiC ?

"It’s Not the perfection of the Asana but the intention & energy - where the student is right now"

These holistic YOGA LOGiC sessions are infused with crystals, incense, oils & candlelit ambiance with soulful music, set to encourage self-realization & emotional freedom throughout, in a loving & safe space.  At the same time this practice can also be a total body workout that boosts metabolism, creates longer, leaner muscles & a body with more mobility to improve circulation & over all wellness. 

YOGA LOGiC holds space & time for each individual to practice a comfortable yet personally challenging & rewarding session.  

We begin with mindful relaxation by letting go & checking in with ourselves, setting intentions & focusing on breath. 

This physical, emotional & spiritual awareness is used as an anchor during our practice.

The Asana portion; mindfully integrates movement & breath while warming the body naturally from the inside out, starting with slow, building to fast paced sun salutations.  Followed with floor based Asanas, held in alignment with some long holds that target joints, connective tissues & muscles. With emphasis always on safety through using the breath, on to heart & lung strengthening’s, back bends, hip & shoulder openings, forward folds & spinal twists. I also encourage students to explore inversions (getting upside-down) & in time introduce more advanced variations.

We then flow through to our standing Asanas, building core strength, confidence, balance, bends & binds. 

There is continuous reminders to keep extending the breath & space between it, & listen to self for extra rest breaths when needed.

I will offer modifications whenever required & ready.

We finish with a final soul soothing Sivasana relaxation or mediation & OM chants, Mantra or Kirtan to seal our YOGA LOGiC experience.

A discussion after the session is always opened & welcomed.


Experience Personal YOGA LOGIC with Deb.

Or Join Daya Devi Sessions at :

SOUL LOGiC -  Makarau, Auckland  =  2 hour sessions every Monday @ 7 - 9ish pm

* Bookings, inquiries & a chat with Deb 1st are essential as limited spaces  *  $10 -30 KOHA

These sessions will start back in March 2023.  Can book your space now.


The YOGA  LOGiC Path:

1st. Asanas -Physical Exercises / Steady Poses:

Your Asana practice will be designed to promote your state of physical & mental well-being, & excellent health;  Good Health may be defined as the condition experienced when all organs function efficiently under the intelligent control of the mind.  Asanas help to tone the nervous system, improve circulation, release tension & increase flexibility of body & mind.  Your regular practice will have an extraordinary capacity to overhaul, rejuvenate & bring your entire system into a state of balance.  Although Asanas seem to be performed by the physical body, Asanas also have profound effects on the Astral body.

2nd. Pranayama - Yogic Breathing:

Breath is seen as the outward manifestation of Prana, the vital energy force that flows through the physical body but is actually in the Astral Body.  By exercising control over the breathing, you can learn to connect with the subtle energies or emotions within the body, & ultimately gain full control over the Mind, Chakras & Nadis.  I can guide you on specific Pranic Breathing techniques that will strengthen your respiratory & circulation;  most importantly benefiting the mind, which calms, steadies & clears what no longer serves you in this space & time.

3rd. Positive Thinking - Manifesting - Meditation:

With regular Meditation you will begin to feel more balanced, peaceful, & happy with yourself;  While deep seated contentment, serenity, freedom & fearlessness start to Manifest themselves.  Along with Positive Thinking this purifies the intellect, so you can experience & listen to your own wisdom, inner Guru, knowing, peace & Love.  YOGA LOGiC will help guide you through meditation techniques that resonate & sooth your on SOUL LOGiC

4th. Food for Health – Plant Based Ayurvedic Diet:

A Plant based diet enables the body to obtain the maximum benefit from food, air, water & sunlight. The YOGA LOGiC diet consists of (high vibe) simple, natural & wholesome foods that are easily digested & nourishing.  Eating this Good Karma way promotes high standards of health, a keen intellect, & serenity of mind.  As a qualified Nutritional Therapist we will work with your specific needs to safely guide you into experiencing or transitioning to this way of eating more plant based nutrients, while being consciously understanding of your lifestyle, time, personal & family situation.  

It’s not WHAT we go through in life but HOW we go through life that makes all the difference.



More Light  on Yoga


Yoga is also a Self-healing & Multi-dimensional discipline based on “simple living & high thinking”. 

The body is seen as a vehicle for the soul.  This is a useful metaphor in a modern context:  Just as a car requires lubricating (Exercise /Asanas), a battery (Breathing / Pranayama), a cooling system (Relaxation), the proper fuel (Plant based diet), & a responsible driver behind the wheel (Positive thinking & Meditation), so the body has these certain needs also if it is to function smoothly… The way it was indented to.

The 4 Paths of Yoga:

Since we are all so different with our own personalities, we may prefer one path to another.

However a one sided development can lead to an imbalance of our whole self - heart, intellect & hand. 

It’s all good to have a favourite spiritual practice (Sadhana), but just  be mindful of drawing from the others as well.

Yoga is union with all.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the 4 paths.

What path suits your SOUL LOGiC? 

Raja Yoga

Scientific Path – Known as Hatha Yoga 

What most Westerners know as YOGA.

Based on a practical system of mind control.  

The right conduct, a healthy body & steady posture, breath regulation, & withdrawal of the senses are recommended. 

As only when the foundation is firm can the superstructure of concentration & meditation succeed.

Hatha Yoga is a form of Raja Yoga that emphasizes Asanas (steady postures) & pranayama (yogic breath regulation).

Karma Yoga -

Active Path of Selfless Service.

Seeking to eliminate ego & attachments, to serve without expecting reward & to see unity in diversity.  

It involves working in the world & giving of oneself, but on a spiritual level.

Karma Yoga is most suitable for people with an active temperament. 

The work itself is the practice, if performed with the right intentions.


Jana Yoga

Philosophical Path of the Intellectual Approach.

Using 2 powerful intellectual techniques of discrimination (Viveka) & Dispassion (Vairagya), the veils of illusion (Maya) are lifted.

Jana Yoga demands a sharp mind & unclouded intellect.

Bhakti Yoga

Devotional Path Seeing Love or God in All.

Since emotions cannot be endlessly repressed, this teaches sublimation through practices such as chanting, prayer & mantras so emotional energy is channelled into devotion;  turning negativity, anger, hatred & jealousy in a positive direction = Pure divine love.

Bhakti Yoga appeals to those who are more emotional by nature.


The 3 Bodies:  


Many of us have questioned whether the body has a SOUL. 

Yoga Philosophy sees the body as a vehicle for the soul in its journey towards enlightenment,

Which leads on to discuss not just 1 body but 3, each more subtle than the 1 before.


1. Physical Body

 This visible dense body is born, grows, changes, decays, & then dies, components return to the earth & food cycle.  Seeing the attention the Yogi pays to the body, observers might conclude that yoga is a glorification of the body, but the aim is to bring the physical body under control of the mind.  Both can then be used for higher pursuits.  Proper care of the physical body is necessary if any work is to be done.


2. Astral Body

Every living being has an Astral Body. This is connected to the physical body by a subtle thread along which vital currents pass.  When the cord is cut the astral body departs & the body dies.  It is composed of 3 layers = The Pranic, Mental & Intellectual Sheaths.


3. Causal Body

 Just as a seed or bulb contain as exact blueprint of the plant it will produce, so the Causal body stores impressions in the form of Karma. These subtle imprints control the formation & growth of the other 2 bodies, & determine every aspect of the next birth. At the time of death both the Causal & Astral bodies separate from the physical body.


Personal Yoga Logic after Quantum Healing:

A Nurturing Yoga & Meditation session is a wonderfully beneficial way to support & continue the healing, self love & balancing process. It is my honor to spend quality 1 on 1 time with you to design your personalized YOGA LOGiC Practice or Cleanse specifically for your needs, place & time. This will be developed by working with inner guidance from your Soul team & our intuition & expertise.

Allow your SOUL LOGiC journey to continue & story be magical.

“What is truth?   A difficult question;

But I have solved it for myself by saying that it is what the voice within tells you.”

~ Gandhi


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