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  • What is QHHT ?
    QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. It was created by the wonderful Dolores Cannon, who spent over four decades perfecting her method. Her legacy lives on through her many books and practitioners certified through the QHHT Academy. For a more in depth description, please check out this link to the Official QHHT web site: In your QHHT session we will journey inwards and meet up with past, future, parallel and other energy forms or expressions of ourselves. Various aspects of self are aware of you the experiencer, and interacts with you through dialogue. Some of these aspects may interact with emotions, sensations or other means of communication and expression. We sometime merge our consciousness with – or become one with – other energy fields of awareness. This enables us to experience life consciousness through other perspectives. By expanding our awareness we are able to tap into many different layers of our larger collective consciousness.
  • What is the “SC” SubConscious or “Higher Self”?
    In QHHT the SC = The SubConscious (as used in QHHT) is a part of the mind that speaks to us, it is often unemotional, removed or detached from the personal situations, like an objective observer looking at the issues from outside. Tapping into this is the key to using hypnosis for living life to the fullest - by freeing ourselves of fear through confrontation with our higher self, and taking the wise advice provided by the loving subconscious. ​ The Higher Self is a term we use to explain the aspect of each individual that is eternally divine and always connected to Source / God/ light/ energy / whatever you’re comfortable calling it. We could understand it as our Over-soul that transcends time and space, holding a collective connection with the Source even when we’re in a physical form or Body. Through this is how and where self-healing and information is accessed.
  • How you can prepare & get the most out of your QHHT Session?
    - READ this website, especially the FAQs & watch the video links. - NO EXPECTATIONS An open heart and mind is needed so be prepared to relax and let it flow. By setting expectations, you limit yourself to what can happen. Trust in yourself and the beautiful process will guide you. ​ - QUESTIONS Categorise a list of clear questions you’d like answers for and any discomforts or sickness with times when they first appeared (where possible). Life & Spirituality. Health. Relationships & Family. Work & Career. Environment & Wonders. (your questions will be discussed during the interview part of session). - SET POSITIVE INTENTIONS & PRACTICE Relaxing, MEDITATION - meditating or visualising prior to your session as much as possible. ​ - NO NO alcohol, coffee, smoking or recreational drugs on the day of your session. please reduce the intake a few days prior to the session if you normally use the above. Do NOT take pills etc to relax you. Our intention is to go naturally into a wonderful state of deep relaxation, so please don't jeopardize the success of your session in anyway. If I suspect you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or anything your session can NOT happen that day. ​ - EAT a good meal before you arrive, enough that would usually sustain you for 4 hours but don’t over-load. You may like to bring a snack for after your session to be eaten during our debrief before you head home - this will help ground you. ​ - AVOID STRESS - Physical, mental or emotional etd before arriving. ​ - RECORDING - I will record the session and send via email it to you that same day, so no need for your own device, unless wish to bring one also to use. All alarms OFF & Flight mode ON. so NO disturbances or distractions. The hypnosis part of your session will be recorded for you to listen to over again, as many times as possible. Listening to your recording is a vital to your self healing. It allows yourself to completely heal & continue as needed. ​ - WEAR relaxed, breathable and comfortable clothes. welcome to bring eye mask etc. ​ Your Higher self is already guiding you to help you on this path.
  • What happens in a QHHT session?
    -- A QHHT Session starts with an open conversation. This is time for me to learn about you & anything you would like to address on all levels: We will also discuss your prepared questions at this time. ​ *It is common that during the session, your souls ‘entourage’ devotedly come through to let me know they are here to help. They may give me guidance with many things, like formulating questions to ask etc. ​ -- Then for the hypnosis part. This is when I will guide you through visualizations to the right state of mind. Your Higher Self is in charge of what journey you will go on. I am simply the facilatator that guides, it's your job to follow that guidance and keep answering the questions to start and go deeper into the process. Some people see past lives, current life events, future possibilities or life between lives & more. -- Then we call in the SC or Higher Self to address the issues that were discussed earlier in our conversation. The Higher Self can explain why an issue was created and what can be done to change the situation. So this is where the SOUL LOGIC, lessons and appropriate healing happens. ​ -- Then you're welcomed back to this time & place, closing with loving support, questions & debriefing talk. It is important to follow through with the advice that your Higher Self gives & listen to the session recording ASAP. *Whatever happens is a combination of what your higher self wants to happen and what your free will allows to happen. It is important to be aware that while there is a 'standard' sequence of protocol that we practitioners have been trained in, there are no two sessions ever the same; for which, we have also been thoroughly trained. ​ You will always receive precisely what is best for you & everyone involved. The Subconscious is very protective & loving, so your well being is their main priority. TRUST They know what they are doing !
  • How long is a typical QHHT session?
    We need to allow at least 5-7 hours of uninterrupted time. Routinely our time goes a bit like this: - 2+ hours - Holistic Interview, conversation & reviewing questions. Relaxation preparation. - 2+ hours - Hypnosis Induction, visualizations, past/parallel lives, SC/Higher self, Healing etc. - 1 hour. Bringing back, support, debrief, tea, Q&A. Your next steps & moving forward. ​ The collective that helped Dolores Cannon develop this method designed it specifically for maximum self-healing, even down to some of the wording, the sequence, etc. All of the elements are just as important as the hypnosis itself. It is my privilege to spend this quality time with you to get the results we desire & a SOUL LOGiC goal to give you a complete session to receive total peace of mind, body and soul.
  • How much does QHHT with Deb cost?
    The suggested donation for a full first time (with me) QHHT session with me at my place in Ahuroa / Warkworth is currently NZ $770 (appointment length : 5-7 hours). The option of Red Beach, Auckland 0932 is available for $100 extra. Or I cab travel to you for an agreed expense cost. Returning clients: Session 2 & 3 are $444 (4-5 hours). If you wish to have ongoing sessions, we will discuss this on individual needs. My goal now & forever is to help people to help themselves. We know that when we gift or trade something of value we're more likely to invest our own energy, time & self-healing. We are all one yet all in different situations of what value we can exchange - I am open to a part trade of agreeable services or products etc if money is currently an issue. What’s important to consider is the positive karma, vibrations & energy exchange between practitioner & client.
  • Where are the sessions facilitated?
    You will be welcomed to my homestead in Ahuroa Valley, Warkworth. We will have a good conversation in a comfortable private space. The Hypnosis part of the session will always be held in private practitioners’ space in the same area where you can lay down and completely relax and let go. If it’s more supportive or you’d prefer for me to travel to you, this can be arranged (with consideration of time & cost). Keep in mind we need total privacy and uninterrupted time for the session. The option of Red Beach, Auckland 0932 is available for $100 extra to cover my extra travel & time.
  • How can QHHT help?
    QHHT goes way beyond getting assistance with bad habits or addictions--although those are accomplished... Remember this is a holistic, multi-dimensional self-healing method, which means it helps the person as a whole: body, mind, soul & more. The sessions focus is on all aspects of your personal empowerment and healing, with the aim of achieve a greater sense of well being and insight. Feelings can create emotional stress that will benefit from using this technique, as it is possible to interrupt and eliminate destructive negative thoughts and feelings. QHHT is a formula with increased spiritual rewards and is an ongoing process of self awarenes that begins with your session. The technique is simply bringing through a state of mind where their higher self is able to facilitate self-healing in the life, body, mind, & emotions of the client, because the higher self is always connected to Source.
  • What does QHHT NOT help with?
    Miracles happen all the time with QHHT. They can happen for you! But this miracle will not take away the responsibility you have for your own life. QHHT cannot 'fix' your life for you as Self-healing is always your choice. While QHHT is absolutely an opportunity to ‘press the reset button’ & gain a fresh perspective on life & love. QHHT will not always just give you a new life overnight, as changes may need to unfold in an appropriate process with trust, allowance & divine timing. Following the advice you receive & listening to your session recording to reinforce more understanding & self-healing is recommended but it’s also your choice. Being open & engaged in the experience to integrate all you can from it is all your choice.
  • Will I remember anything from my session?
    Clients usually drift between mind states from total awareness in some parts to deep trance (somnambulistic). Sometimes remembering & sometimes not… kind of like when you awaken from a dream - That dream will gradually fade from your memory if you let it. This is one of the reasons why all sessions are recorded as it’s beneficial to listen to your session over again. Often you will discover more profound messages that maybe only your soul will resonate with or comprehend to complete the self-healing work. The main aspect is that healing occurs in all states of awareness. If the lessons or pieces of the puzzle are still being put together, worked out and learnt. Often the healing will happen within you ether spontaneously or over sometime after the session. ​ People tend to brush off the lighter states of trance in hypnosis. However you may require healing & cleansing in the lighter or higher states of consciousness before it’s allowed or appropriate to go deeper. So again, self-healing, integration and transformation occur at all levels of trance or awareness. After the session it may feel as though you made it up, but it is recommended that you don't analyse the information instead see what the connections are with your life and the difference in your feelings. Sometimes it takes us a moment to adjust to change and allow the new to unfold. Luckily with this method the changes unfold naturally as your subconscious mind is now your ally and united in your purpose. After all this is QUANTUM healing.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    While I completely understand the desire to have someone you know and trust close by during your session, it is imperative that you & I have complete privacy. This is because you will be sharing things with me that you may not want your loved one to hear about or may not go as in depth if your companion is with you. It is critical that you share with me all that you want, in a safe & confidential sacred space.
  • Will I need more than one session?
    Dolores Cannon has taught that typically one session is all that is necessary. Whatever happens you will notice profound & positive changes within you in just the one session. It's possible you may feel more than one session would be beneficial. It depends on your history, curiosity or level of past trauma & attachment to certain perceptions or beliefs. What you invite in on your first session. For some people it's appropiate to process only small amounts of self-healing or answers at one time. If this is the case for you, then together we can discuss a plan until the self love, curiosity, healing or repair process is complete so you can invite & guide it from there.
  • Is there any follow up after my QHHT session?
    - Directly after your session we'll have our debriefing & support for whatever experience, learning or healing just took place. - I recommend you listen to your recording that same day (before you sleep), on your own first before sharing with whom you wish. While listening, you may like to create the setting to listen undisturbed... maybe light a Candle, journal or take notes to reflect on or research. - As you may have lost time (time traveled) It’s best that you have a grounding meal and go to about sleep the same time as usual. ​ - Often with in 3 days after your session or when appropiate we will be in connection again. I am happy to offer further support & love however appropiate, needed & we see fit. I will always be interested in you as your souls friend now & in the future so please stay connected & let me know how your going after the session. - During QHHT sessions clients are often wisely guided in ways to better look after themselves like; cleansing, nutrition, meditation, fitness, activities, yoga, wellness routines and so on… This is usually to support or continue the healing & lessons learned. As a YOGA LOGiC, Breath Work, Meditation, Ayurveda & Nutritional Therapist, so I can help in many areas - along with guidance from your own SOUL LOGiC, on the ‘How to’ of some practices best for your Body, Mind & Soul. - Please also see my special discount for any clients wishing to have more than 1 session, or if you wish to make QHHT a regular therapy for any reason we can discuss this further on an individual basis. You're welcome to stay connected, give feedback or share your story. Please do! There is a very good reason you chose me to guide you through this adventure. We Welcome you to invite this in.
  • What if there are events I’m anxious talking about or seeing again?
    It is important to remember that you will only be shown what you need for the purpose of self-healing. In many circumstances your higher self may deem it necessary for some emotional purging to happen in order to cleanse & heal in your life. To be able to do this will be a wonderful experience in your life! Please be assured there are safeguards in place to protect from any discomfort during a QHHT session. This I am fully trained for. ​ You will need to tell me about yourself, your life. No matter what you've been through - Nothing will shock me! There’s no judgement involved - I’m simply the observer & your soul’s friend. I will guide you through anything that is disturbing so you are then able to view it in a safe way and let it go once and for all.
  • What if hypnosis goes against my religious belief?
    QHHT enables all people of any background, culture or belief to engage with their soul. Whether you believe in a God, Spirit, Source, the Force or are confused about what you believe, or firmly do not believe in anything - QHHT is applicable to you as it is your higher self doing the work (your own eternal, divine connection to God/Source/Energy) & it will do its work within the bounds of your belief system. The process works the same & is considerate of your beliefs, no matter what that is or isn't.
  • What if I feel I can not be hypnotized? Is it still possible for me?
    Dolores Cannon always said that anyone can be hypnotized! “But - Only if they want to be” 90% of what happens during your session is up to you! It's your mind, body & soul = your free will. I will be guiding you along the way but I can't MAKE you follow me. Embarking on this trip is your decision as all hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis. The question is: Are you ready and willing to go on this journey? "As human DNA continues to be further activated, I’m finding that my clients are more aware of what happens in their sessions than they used to be so that is becoming more normal." Dolores Cannon
  • Do I need to know more about QHHT before my session?
    No. But please read this site & come as you are. I will explain all you need to know. I may send you a meditation or something of the sort (whatever I’m guided to) to help practice, relax, open up or let go etc. You may be tempted to google all this, that's your free will. However sessions can flow better without the confusion of information overload, preconceived ideas & expectations that overthinking and analysing may bring. We are all unique, so is what we create, allow & invite in each day. It is magical when you finally allow yourself to stop for a moment to relax & invite in what’s ready & waiting for you.
  • What is a Surrogate QHHT Session?
    All is one (as you may have heard before). We are connected with a collective consciousness. In a Surrogate Session we can open a channel of self-healing to someone who is unable to have a QHHT session themselves. Some examples could be deafness, mentally handicapped, severely drug addicted/medicated, in critical care or coma, a child, or an animal. This means that you or anyone who goes deep into trance is able to act as a surrogate for the person/animal who needs help, from our divine connection. The results are more profound when the surrogate has a close personal relationship to the person/animal that is in need of healing. *Please make a connection with me to discuss your scenario first before booking in a surrogate session.
  • Who is Deb?
    Kia Ora Let me tell you a bit about me... I look forward to getting to know you soon. This Earths School has been a rich form of education this time round. As a child I had an infinite spiritual assurance with desire to understand it all. I simply wanted to explore, experience, and journey beyond typical familiarity and the physical margins of my upbringing. I’ve spent a good portion of life travelling, often feeling guided from one place to another around this earth. I tend to take the road less traveled, allowing unexpected challenges to arise. This trait has helped me discover many belief systems so has opened my mind to different paths and prospects to see and experience. ​My determined spirit is sensitive, yet curious & open minded while nurturing a strong intuition and using my intellect to follow a heart of compassion for this universe and all beings on & around it. It is natural for me to be captivated by life stories, spiritual beliefs, cultural traditions & healing modalities, so I seek understanding as to what makes people tick while feeling what resonates within me. ​ I have continuously studied whatever I've felt called to - which is many subjects in this realm. I've been a long term student of YOGA + Qualified Yoga Siromani / Teacher & Nutritional Therapist. Variety has been the spice of my working life also with training & occupations in: Child Care, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Airlines, Teaching / Training, Interior / Furniture Design & Decorating, Fitness & Nutrition, Spirituality & Wellness, plus Parenting! Unpredictably 6 years of motherhood devotion has taught my most valued lessons to date! ​ QHHT & ME... ​ Once upon a time I was compelled to research the wonderful work of Dolores Cannon, Soul Speak & the wonders of Quantum Healing (QHHT). I am conscious that when that nudging feeling, follows with a crazy cool, natural flow of events - then I've been called to step in to it for a good reason. Enchantingly the knowledge I sort from Dolores Cannons work & topics naturally echoed & absorbed me whilst sending shimmers through my soul. ​It was all a matter of divine timing, when I was gracefully guided to get qualified with The QHHT Academy, so I can work with this magnificent Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique to help others in such a phenomenal way. I have totally embraced my passion for this work, while raising vibrations, heeding my intuition, gaining insight & emerging with dreams & visions that arise through meditation & soulful practices. I am now a Dedicated Certified Level 2 QHHT Practitioner. I love the constant evolving nature of this work & spend countless hours in forum participation, reading books, practicing & using natural abilities as means of advancing my skill set so I can help others help themselves with more peace & power. ​ You may come as a stranger & leave as a soul friend.
  • Is QHHT Proven and True?
    What is Truth? A difficult question; but I have solved it for myself by saying that it is what the voice within tells you.” ~ Gandhi Is it Proven? Yes. Think for a moment about the things that are true to you that no one can prove. Maybe it’s your love for someone like a child or spouse, maybe you lost a loved one and you know they send you signs, maybe you see synchronicities throughout your days and just know the universe is talking to you. Can you prove any of these things? You don’t have to because you just know, and that is good enough. Subjective knowing is very powerful and in these instances you can see a few examples of how powerful it can be. I have come to rely on my own truth, not by requiring proof, but by being open to all the possibilities and allowing the universe to provide all the validation I need to strengthen that belief. Not worldly proof but the proof of subjective knowing. The resonance within that says, yes…this is true. It may not be true to anyone but me, but if my inner being says so then I’m going to listen to it. The minute it doesn’t feel true anymore, is the moment it isn’t. Sure proof can often help to solidify or give additional confirmation to a belief, but it is the belief, the thought, the energy that runs the show. In more recent years, there has been a ton of science out there on belief showing that our thoughts really are creating our reality. Ask yourself: What am I creating with my thoughts? What are my truths? And remember… everything is energy, everything. All matter is just materialized energy…all begins with light…and love.
  • The future of QHHT
    QHHT is changing in ways even unfamiliar to practitioners (exciting!). Because Earth and her inhabitants are always shifting - physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course spiritually. This is the nature of creation and evolution--Change. It makes sense that this self-healing work should evolve with us, humanity. ​ We as practitioners are working closely together through the forums and personal interaction to share notes, conduct research, and to keep one another abreast as to the many changes occurring within our work and the legacy Dolores Cannon bestowed on us.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please connect with me via my website, send an email, text or give me a call! I look forward to speaking with you. Om Shanti Deb
  • How Do I Book a QHHT Session with Deb Taylor
    Book your Session with Deb Taylor Here, on the Bookings Page (drop down from QHHT tab on this website)
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