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Accessing wisdom beyond our conscience learning.

As much as we may feel perplexed, strangely chill or overwhelmed by what’s going on, there’s a part of us that’s not confused at all.

Deep within all of us, there’s a part that at any moment has access to power, perspective & wisdom beyond our years & conscious knowing.

At the center of whatever chaos we are enduring, there’s a still space. From this still space, we’re able to see & feel any situation differently (the bigger picture) than we would with the reactive part of mind. I call this our SOUL LOGiC. Where the human (or 3D) assessments will eventually fade, & instead begin to relate to any challenge or chaos as a divine opportunity for soulful expansion & our human evolvement.

When in the midst of confusion or misfortune or challenging times, Invite, Trust & allow thyself get silently still… Ask how is this happening for me, rather than just to me. For what purpose did I create this this? What have I still to learn about here ... ?

When we do… We intuitively start to sense the lessons unfolding.

I am seeing so many of us right now are ready & needing to evolve & brilliantly rise to this occasion. We recognise the that this chaos around the world has been much needed in many meaningful ways. Then we are able to feel into our divine purpose for being on this earth right now... our next steps.

The center deep within you always knows the path home.

When frustrated or afraid, don’t just try to figure it out with your mind... move beyond the thoughts ...

For most finding this still space takes practice, or a QHHT session will access & open this part too. So try settle in, unplug the external world for a few moments throughout the day.

Soften the eyes, put down the lists, dissolve the past, Slow down breathe, Relax the body, Drop down a little deeper. Allow loving spirit & earthly elements to hold you... & invite in your SOUL LOGiC TRUST...

“How might this be happening for me? In what ways am I being invited to grow? And what am I being invited to let go of?”

listen to the whispers of you soul... There’s masses of wisdom there. Wisdom that’s way beyond your earthly years, conscious understanding & human knowing.

This is unexplainable to the conditioned mind, as it shifts the body in “(un)scientific” ways whilst soothes & strengthens the soul. I wish this Quantum LOVE & SOUL LOGiC for all... When you are ready, I’m delightfully here to support, guide & hold the SPACE for your SOUL to SPEAK

~ Deb Taylor ~

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