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Superheros, villain, God or Goddess,,,

Who’s your favorite superhero, villain, God or Goddess ?

Share a picture with ✨Why you love them or how they inspire you?

✨What are the abilities & characteristics that you wish to be invoked or activated in you?

✨💙💫♥️🌟 I’d like to declare that superheroes & villains, Goddesses & Gods, ARE totally real!

Destructors, Defenders & Creators .... We are all them at some point in time ... Who else has been noticing so clearly all the superhero’s & villains around lately? Even the super hero’s & villains in your own life? How do you feel around them, about them? *Maybe a great chat to have with our children too... What’s their fascination with them? how can we learn from their reality ? how can we transform into our own superhero? We all experience "villains". However, we don’t need to have intense emotional reactions to them, & they don’t need to steal our power. Sometimes we need to really pull out from our human experience to discover why we experience the villains in our lives. I know one of the many ways & one way that we can do this is through QHHT & some SOUL LOGiC 😉 This helps release emotional triggers or more unnecessary pain or power loss. As when we are conscious that this life is an illusion, we have the ability to graciously accept that everyone’s playing different roles.

How many of us find ourselves facing another villain with the same patterns over & over again? That’s not because of bad luck, it’s because there’s a lesson to learn. Sometimes we need to explore past lives to find the lesson, but it’s there. Villains don’t deplete us of our power, we deplete ourselves. We all have our own lessons to learn in this lifetime. But what’s the main theme of these lessons? Maybe that .... We ARE our own superheroes! When we’re unshakeable in who we are and we stand in our truth, no "villain" can throw us off course. What that means is that we don’t need them to enter our existence anymore for any lessons regarding personal power. When we focus on finding the lesson in each hardship, we transform. Our self-development & focus on a life of purpose, peace & play is what’s going to change things for us. Not revenge, not replaying situations in our heads, not giving into propaganda, and definitely not focusing on what’s wrong with the world and letting it take our power! We can become the superheroes together! If you wish for support & guidance on how to mind travel & evolve into your own superhero & learn the lessons from the villains check out ... a space for your soul to speak.

Let’s rise in our purpose, peace, play & power together!!

✨♥️✨ Quantum LOVE & SOUL LOGiC Deb Taylor

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