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Gratitude for SOUL Festival Gathering

This week, this heart is overflowing with Gratitude & love for the unfoldings of last Sunday Soul Festival with so many soul siblings showing up & opening up the Aotearoa festive season of 2020 with your first ever SOUL FESTIVAL ... Putting it out there now that you are all invited to integrate this season that’s to be in 6 months on 2nd MAY 2021 with your 2nd SOUL FESTIVAL on SUNDAY 2nd MAY 2021 Same sacred land on the Majik hibiscus coast. Same sacred souls preparing, providing, hosting & holding this time & space. I trust that your invite to co-create this will show up in your field, meadow of flowers, spoken words, inbox or news feed soon Thank you On the day it wasn’t a calling of mine to outwardly speak as felt the vibrational voice of the collective was doing that... so I allowed it to flow without command or control of what may be expected as it over delivered purposely Now I do feel deeply to publicly Thank & honour with infinite love some soul SiStars & Brothers who have been a source of comfort for me, with heart offerings of support, dependability, awareness, love & Joy through the birth & of this soul creation Bunny Chapman & Freddy Flowers Rayna Love & Tracy K-h Matiu Te Huki Aroha Johnstone Mark Taylor Davina Dean Erin Kindt Natali Brown Mike Giet Johnny Trifunovich Grace & Brian Kelly Georgia Duder-Wood Camelia Iordache Marisia Inger Aaron Michael Pyne Emma Davis Jules Bright Lis Martinac Dominik Saur Alexander Strever Samantha Denton-Giles Kāren Hunter - Ora Vida Life Tracey Bennett Sonya Rhiannon Mackintosh Julia Barnes Ania Pastuszka Jodie A-d Tania Ranby Moira Barber Georgina Curnow Laura Cutfield Ritva Maria Whakarongotai Nikora Quantum love to y’all through all time space realities we are travelling together in. Blessings for at least hearing out these untameable Visions for this wild crafted gathering from source consciousness to... Gather . Connect . Play . Inspire . Honour . Evolve . Thrive . Love .... ... These where some of the many intentions set for the first Soul Festival as Inwas called to offer space for a new earth sanctuary like gathering. & so it was... The land, people, space & time did indeed unfold to be in peace, purpose, play & for many a welcomed safe haven of comfort with feelings of grace, ease, power & protection from the magnificent land & all these incredible humans helping & healing with the co-creation of this celebration of life The land held & breathed us all into this place to thrive, inspire & love in the abundance of the nature spirits surrounding us... this clarity came on the day whilst in soul song communion with the Sacred earth, Enlightened souls, with loving Land, with the Waters, with all 7 directions & connecting to source as one heartbeat.Our souls can all remember our ancient wisdom that 'outcome is governed by intent' I witnessed the appreciation of the beauty around us, this enabled us to feel love, send out positive, life affirming, vibrations that flowed throughout the space, community & beyond. Whenever this is done through willful invocation & clear intention setting the space & time becomes activated & So it was . In the lead up to the day I kept envisioning a force field of shinny light, as a GLORIOUS pyramid of light completely enclosing the land & every being on it I thank the many of you there who have shared with me how they to felt the invocation field held by Ancestors, Nature Spirits & Guardians of that time & space we all shared together. We know all Life is interconnected & responds to love based frequencies, & so our heart based intentions, open mind song & soul logic becomes absorbed into the atmosphere, earth, & all flora & fauna within the finite boundary of Soulful Gatherings... Where time can be expanded for play in the spaciousness that was intended for harmony, health, healing, happiness & co-creation. When our intentions & comprehension of this interplay of the manifested powers are aligned for greater good of all, then our Human Experience in the New Earth becomes activated. & so it was ... Did you feel it... Are you still in it ? ... as the door was opened. Any sentient being that crossed over into this soul festival sanctuary may have felt the difference in energy from that which was ‘outside' of the boundary & within. So through the natural quantum laws of holistic coherence, our space was respected & loved in order to invite new life, trust & allow our free willing choices to enter deep communion with what this land & life desire it’s reality to be All our Soul Festival Gatherings & Sanctuary spaces will be held in this awareness & maintained through freedom of truth, open love & the mindfulness it takes to gain awareness right now. Our willingness to action our purpose & peacefully move away from any out dated, harmful lifestyles & attune to the natural cycles of Nature through new celebration & ceremony or ancient ritual & Remedies to a way of living that fosters the expansion of peace, joy, harmony & abundance, each adding bio-resilience & longevity to any space with Aroha. The gratitude of being within this space is beyond expressed words, as New Earth Living & soulful Gatherings will move beyond language where our navigation is flow in our souls union. We can all help heal this earth to awakening through activation of being love for our New Earth frequency... We do it where we live in the physical. No space or time is too small to have an effect. ... it’s the intentions! Now we’re all bringing forth the Feminine Wisdom that innately knows the birthing process, that’s the foundation of being felt, acknowledged, honoured & creation of the New Earth prana & mana to blissfully be as it will be. so we will Gather . Connect . Play . Inspire . Honour . Evolve . Thrive .... as one ... keep wild crafting your untameable dreams Whanau... as the dream is what we are in now Quantum Aroha & SOUL LOGiC Deb Taylor - Daya Devi ~ Multidimensional Liaison Next SOUL FESTIVAL is SUNDAY - 2 MAY 2021

Next Open Retreat / weekend Gathering : 6-8 November 2020 (HBC Auckland) Aotearoa Awakening- Shakti / Shiva

Woman’s Retreat: 26-28 Feb 2021. (Mangawhai) Nourish the sacred feminine

Photography: Many of the magnificent photos are by Jess JB Turnwald

Quantum Love & SOUL LOGiC with Deb Taylor

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