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Love to those that feel it & do not yet know it.

We know it... we feel it... & it is intense ! Whatever or however it’s showing up for you... Trust it You are loved... you are safe

Some have a supportive safe space to share & shed it... & Many do not... some have a little comprehension & compassion to what’s shifting & realigning for greatest growth & good & Many do not... To some it all makes complete sense & soul logic & for many that won’t come till much later... but I promise you it will all unfold & be crystal clear in one sweet space soon

Through the tension, terror & tears it will be there After the dark, doom & gloom the bud will bloom

Nourish the neglected emotions, heart & soul... Hold it, Hug it, Hang in here ... you can handle it

Take Rest . Relax . Restore. We need you here !

This earth is for the brave to bare beneath the bones You are loved & you are safe

Remember we are here for each other... Whisper or scream for support... So it shall be for you & for me

Deb Taylor ~ Daya Devi

Quantum love & Soul logic

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