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Post about LOVE, SiSTAR LOVE!

This time last week we sat in our closing ceremony of the long awaited RITUAL & REMEDY Woman's Retreat... We closed off our wonderful, weird & wild time together in circle burning of what we where leaving behind & sharing what we where moving forwards with. As every SiStar courageously shared from the heart I was so full of LOVE & JOY for every individual SiStar I’d had the opportunity to spend time, space, tears, laughter, hugs, dance, sound, breath, yoga, wisdom, trance, song, nourishments, earth, air, wind, water & fire with. What I noticed most was the love for myself, not only for preparing, producing & providing that space, But for this path I’ve continually chosen since the age of about 16, to love myself, check in with, respect & care for me, as I’m the only one that can do that to the extent my soul needs & therefore this love can & does overflow, I feel cozy in this self compassion, with the confidence & courage to keep moving forwards with this cozy love of self, If in self doubt I can question “what would love do?” & there comes the softness & the strength of Remembering who I am, where I’ve been, & how far I’ve come to be in that & every moment I allow myself to experience in self love.

We understand that TRUE LOVE starts with self, this is the most selfless love (not in anyway “selfish”!) as with this deep inner love the vibration of all love is magnified to the outer

This is Why it’s so important to mindfully practice Self Care & Self Love on the daily !

It’s helps to start observing How we treat ourselves daily... mmm weekly, monthly, yearly... throughout life ? - Is the love for yourself overflowing on to love for others, all around you ?

Then recall way back when you 1st learned how to care for you in this life? - Most likely not remembering, as you where a new born baby As this was taught by the people who 1st cared for you & was still fully witnessed by you, the young.

If the parents, caregivers, teachers, community neglected you, it may be hard to give yourself what every human needs... to mindfully love & nourish self unashamedly (that overflows onto others)

If there was abuse, we’ll have the tendency to be harsh with ourselves. If they dismissed or dishonored feelings & needs, we may find we dismiss them as well, & be incredibly nervous expressing them to others. - this will take some practice or a breakthrough !

As there’s this part that tends to parent yourself in similar ways to how you were parented. “The internalized parent.” If you had a respectfully loving caregiver, your default is more likely to be that to self also. But if there was withholding, punishing, negligent or a dismissive caregiver, it’s not “easy”’to give to self or receive love from others. - sound familiar? - This will take a lot of love & care! If you’ve had or still are having a tough time forgiving your mother, father or someone from Childhood, it’s an indicator that you are still treating yourself in ways similar to how you were treated way back then.

This is why we need to love & break the legacy of inadequate parenting of self & our young.

Yes. That’s it! To rise up from this, we must begin treating thyself with the love & care you didn’t have & the some ! Many wait for someone else to come rescue them from this sad & deprived story & give them what they did not get in youth.... yet still refusing or more so unaware how to start giving it to themselves.


You are the light in shinning dharma you’ve been waiting for!

You are the available, loving, kind & Joyful mum & dad that has been missing.

Yes you can treat yourself in ways that demonstrate & feel love & respect for yourself! - No more waiting... it’s ONLY A CHOICE ! Once you do this loving work ... then forgiving yourself, parents, children & anyone else that’s hurt you will be much smoother & you will keep being liberated to create the desired realities of Joy & love that child always craved.

Do it for you ! Do it for all ! Quantum Love Whanau

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