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Disconnected so far from our bodies, minds & soul intelligence. Aug 2020

Last lock down NZ rushed through a law that allowed the removal of people into facilities and to perform medical procedures that will insure the safety of all. It also allows entry into the home without warrant on the grounds of community safety.

So now many people have been removed from their homes & into a quarantine facility as they have tested “positive” for CV. Positive is in quotes as many false positives occur.

“Sudden Slippery slope” ? Not sold on that one ... but Seems to most it went from “normal” life to lock down and now removal of people in two days.

Really ... like Really ?? We can’t just lock every sick person up ... like this would mean nobody gets sick or dies again... What if they did that every time anyone got the flu ? That’s how ridiculous this is!

Is this really for the good of all? Is there really no other way for NZ?

Really ?

Do we honestly think the human species that is built to survive is unable to survive a virus that has 99.6% chance of survival?

When in history did we

that we no longer believe they intuitively know how to survive?

Why is there no talk or education on the impact on personal choices, diet, lifestyle, nature and importance of connection for boosting body, mind & soul health.

We Really need to bring awareness to these questions & so much more.

Feel beyond the virus & BS political games.... Stay grounded with heart & soul wisdom.... we need to naturally evolve humanity & these short term, fear based tactics sure are not helping us to “keep moving” forwards... What direction are you choosing?

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