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What even is unconditional Love ?

Totally love to hear other perspectives, musings, words or concepts of what unconditional Love is to you... drop it below True or false? “We all want to be loved unconditionally” ? ... We want to be... seen celebrated valued appreciated Heard Respected Loved Etc... for who we are without having to hustle for it. If we act like a performing monkey or struggle to look like a Barbie doll & do all the things to simply prove ourselves worthy of love, then it doesn’t feel like the lasting, kind, caring love we can lean on when we have faults or need to fall apart... as we all do at times. We’re ALL human, so imperfect & have tender hearts... Ironically, the way we create this kind of love is by giving it away.

True or false ? Unconditional love is the only thing you get more of when you freely give it to others. . It’s often easier to do this with friends than a lover. Because with our friends, it’s easy to be there in a way that’s about them. With a lover, we get our own stuff all knotted up in there somehow too.

Hearing someone not only in terms of how what they’re sharing impacts them, but how it impacts us as well. Guess That’s why the Greeks called friendship the highest form of love, and put it above romantic, erotic love.

Most of us are loving people, with both friends and lovers. Yet, the ability to really listen to another without imposing our own stuff onto what they’re saying is what grows an unconditionally loving quality into the fiber of the connection, and allows both of you to be safe enough to risk telling the truth. It’s what cultivates the kinds of solid, close connections we're all yearning to have.

True or false ? We have to learn to hold the complexity that love can be unconditional, but trust must be earned and built one trustworthy gesture at a time. . Showing up for someone without imposing your own agenda into the conversation promises to build this level of trust—one loving, generous gesture at a time

Question: What’s unconditional love to you & how do we sometimes sabotage it in this life. Why ? Quantum love & SOUL LOGiC

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