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New Moon time & Space in Virgo 2020

Who’s feeling these Virgo energies also?

It’s The Discerning & Sorting stuff out New Moon in VIRGO : This Means we’ll be feeling like Making lists! So why not Write out 5 things you want to change & see flow into life over next 5 months (that are in your control).

Debs list ... I am part of an amazing group of conscience loving friends that gather every 2 weeks for Soul shares & Joyful Rituals & Remedies.

I live in nature & outside my door I can see, feel & walk amongst earthly blessings freely.

I create the time & space for my daily soul, mind & body rituals that nurture & allow me shine light & joy in all I am.

I allow myself to receive the support I need to be fully in my dream reality, Dharma & grounded in love.

My energy exchanges flow in frequently, abundantly & easily due to the community love, intentions & wonderful work I create & offer.

Go on write the list & share it out there... don’t just hide it away in your journal Tell the tall tale & idealistically dream away ....

Why do it now? Well, The start of warmer months are just around the corner, and it’s starting to feel like it’s finally time to pack away my thermals and focus on what’s next. RIP, winter 2020 you won’t be missed.

This new moon space will help us get into a new, more efficient groove, so we will can get a lot of sh*t done without stressing over it. We will be all about sorting out how to make stuff flow freely in life. So start making to-do lists and figuring out schedules to create the most efficient, effective Joyful everyday life.

We will feel more disciplined about healthy lifestyle choices. And this time will support us in manifesting our true desired reality

How do you want to show, share & shine up this life?

It’s not just a woo woo daydreaming thing... you’ll figure out where you want to be, and take the steps to make it happen. Because you’ll be more efficient and organized over this next few weeks than any other tie this year!

.... hyper-efficiency will seep into your love life, too.... look for little or large ways to make things sweet & smoother, or nutting out how to eek out a little more QT with your lover... while it may not feel huge on a daily basis, having a few more minutes each day to cuddle up, care, catch up on each other’s days, and spoon / snuggle in bed will ultimately bring heart warming connections. Quantum love

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