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We can seriously all be so silly in stressing times

This is silly * We can seriously all be so silly in stressing times... * I can only laugh

Weather you choose to wear a mask or not is the least of this crazy nonsense that’s out there.... the mask debate is a silly distraction from the underlying agenda that’s unfolding right in front of us. See all the list of just some of the other restrictions awaiting “that won’t happen in NZ” Mmm... Australia thought that too. Sure wear the mask if that feels good for the nervous & immune system right now, but at least open the eyes of the mind to a wider view, zoom out & observe the time line your in & take fingers out of the ears from the “made up mind” We are being called to rise up, as humans make this shift forwards... it will happen quicker if we do this together... so look beyond a tiny virus & the one world order commands & controls.

The only way out it in... practice going in to the big you, rising up with the true you & eventually we will be closer to infinite awareness of this... So your mind will not surrender / normalise the inhuman control that’s grossly happening globally.

You are safe to do this as you’ll only

understand & process the very thing you are ready to receive & perceive.

Tune out (the media) - Tune in to the big you.

P.S As entertaining as it may be ... I feel The Gordon Ramsay style (below) is not an effective way of communication or way of helping with this “great awakening “ time & space we chose to be part of together.

Anything we fight in that density gets stronger... resisting the resistance.

LOVE is the answer Quantum love earth tribe ... we got this

* Inspired by my news feed & 5 mins of listening to MSM

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