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What is it that I truly need in this moment?”

“How is this making me feel? what is it that I truly need in this moment?”

I’m meditating on trusting my feelings in every moment... for what are these feelings intentions that spin about the heart or head? The ego is so tricky! Therefore my best Guru / Teacher ever !

I always have emotions to be aware of yet occasionally the feelings take hold of me. These ones have me questioning what is True & Where is love in these moments ?

When flooded with emotions, how can we nurture ourselves from blowing up, so that the actions we take & words we speak are productively conducive to the future we wish to create?

How can we honor ourselves by voicing what needs to be said, yet speak in ways that are conscious and aligned with our spiritual values?

All of us at some point mug ourselves with intense emotions (or the pain body) that allow us to act without first considering potential consequences. Commonly looking like: storming off, giving someone a piece of your frustrated mind, even cut off soulful relationships in fits of righteous anger, or blow out words like a weapons. Sadly damage done in those moments can be extremely difficult for some to repair fully... especially if both are not mindful of their part in the emotional misunderstanding or have compassion & want to create clarity to resolve it with love for each other. It is natural human behavior that when we feel threatened, alarms go off in the mind, releasing fight-or-flight hormones that tend to take action before rational thought. With this impaired judgement going on we can easily react from the ego self, or the unconscious mind that’s not aligned with our true ethics. If we wish to be able to act or speak from a clear, empowered place, its beneficial to practice connecting to our feelings & learn how to hold & contain the inner experience we are presently NOW in each moment. Aiming to stay heart centered

as though you were the sacred container of your own humanity. As that’s what we are.

Top tip : Ask the unconditionally loving soul questions like we’d ask our children & inner child ... Q. How is this making you feel sweet soul? Q. What is it that you truly need in this moment my dearest one ?

Sit with those questions & allow your truth & love to be with you

Om Shanti Quantum love

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